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NaNoWriMo_What's the Point of NaNoWriMo? (guest post on Friday Flash)

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  • Aspects of Home,in imprint 12, 2013.
  • Keep Quiet, English Teaching Professional, March-April 2013. 
  • Creative Tools for Creative Minds, English Teaching Professional, March-April 2012. 
  • Writing in Hong Kong, Graffiti, Issue 11. 
  • Routine, Routine, English Teaching Professional, July-August 2011.  

Guest Publications

Fiction Love - Book Review: Letting Go by Victoria Watson

Perpetual Chaos of a Wandering Mind - Interview

Storm Goddess - Interview

Guest Publications on my blog

Penny Freeman: 10 Ways to Improve your Query Letter

The Unofficial Brit Writers Blog

Don't be Afraid to Show your Work to Others (02/11/2012)

Social Media - Friend or Foe? (09/10/2012)

My Writing Life - Then and Now (22/09/2012)

Wednesday Write-in

#12 Shattered Memories
#10 Darkness
#8 On Foreign Shores
#7 The Amber Suite

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