Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point by Kaal Kaczmarek

About the Book

When Cousin Felicity hobbles and wobbles her way into the lives of Daniel and Sophie on Misty Point farm, all manner of dark mischief and mayhem ensues.

The day after Felicity's arrival, tragedy strikes the farm. Feathery friends lie dead and a killer is unaccounted for...Who can save the family and the farm? Brainy Daniel? Stroppy Sophie? Pouty Felicity? Slobbery Lucky?

Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point is a playful, suspenseful comedy thriller set in New Zealand, written with a wink toward Huck Finn and to be enjoyed under torchlight by MG (Middle Grade), YA (Young Adult) and FY (Forever Young) readers everywhere.

What I Think 

This book is delightful and a real page-turner! There are many twists and turns in the tale and I didn't see them coming, which obviously added to the enjoyment of the book. 

The illustrations are wonderful and really add to the overall pleasure of this book aimed primarily at youngsters, but can certainly be enjoyed by older readers too! 

About the Author

Kaal Kaszmarek is a New Zealander with North Eastern European heritage and has recently discovered that his genetic roots date back to reindeer herders in Finland. He once hiked 280km through the Himalayas of Nepal. Currently he lives among the smoggy towers of Hong Kong and works in education for the British Council as a teacher, as well as being a co-ordinator of an education programme for refugees and asylum seekers. His late gran was a very popular (and politically incorrect) children's book writer and poet in New Zealand and he hopes that a smidgen of her cheek and charm has trickled down the family tree. Kaszmarek wrote Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point (available on Amazon US and Amazon UK) to try to recapture the magic of character-based books he read a child such as Huck Finn, Pippi Longstocking and Danny the Champion of the World
He believes the Universe conspires to make things happen...sometimes. 

About the Illustrator

Dee Densmore D'Amico is based in New York with a background in fashion illustration and a love for animals. Her work is whimsical & linear with an emphasis on pure color and exaggerated form & movement. Humor is also an important element. "If I chuckle while I'm sketching an image, I know I got it!" Her major influences are Picasso, Antonio Lopez, Hirschfeld, Erte and Dr. Suess. Her work has been published in many publications including The AKC Gazette, Modern Dog Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women's Wear Daily. She has sketched in the design studios of various well known fashion designers, including Diane von Furstenberg. 

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