Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jaidee - Out of the Ashes by Clint Morey

About the Book

Title: Jaidee - Out of the Ashes (A Lyons Investigation Mystery) 
Author: Clint Morey
Publication: March 22, 2012 
Summary: Josh Lyon is a private investigator, running his own firm with secretary Ruth and a tech guy, Caleb. During a routine job Josh rescues a young prostitute and when he finds out that her life is in danger, he takes her from the 'safe' house and hides her. This gets him, the members of his team as well as his best best friend, Lydia, who works for the police, into all sorts of trouble. 

What I Think 

Jaidee - Out of the Ashes is a fast-moving book with a well thought-out plot. Something happens in every chapter to keep driving the plot forward and the reader hooked. There are incidents that happen within the narrative that I didn't foresee and with other twists and turns, it's not at all predictable.  

In detective novels it's very easy to see things as black and white and the characters within the stories too. Morey has chosen to use 'third person omniscient' (telling the story from different points of view) which allows areas of grey that strengthen both the narrative and the characters. 

About the Author

Clint Morey was born and raised in L.A. and now he and his wife live in Montana, where they raised their family. For most of his career he was a classroom teacher and has been a full-time writer for the last eight years. He writes screenplays, novels, short stories, and the occasional non-fiction book. He can even be found telling stories to groups willing to listen to him talk. 

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