Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Watch Over Me by Daniela Sacerdoti

About the Book

Title: Watch Over Me
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
Publication: Black & White Publishing (3 Nov 2011)/Amazon Kindle
Summary: Eilidh Lawson’s life has hit crisis point. Years of failed fertility treatments, a cheating husband and an oppressive family have pushed her to the limits. Desperate for relief, she seeks solace in the only place she’s ever felt at home – a small village in the Scottish Highlands. There she connects with people from her past and childhood. 

What I Think

When Eilidh returns to her childhood village in Scotland you know that it is going to bring her the comfort that she needs to put her life back together. When she bumps into her childhood friend, Jamie McAnena, whose life is also not one hundred percent perfect, you suspect that they are going to get together. 

There were too many, and most unnecessary, perspectives. It would have been better to remain more focused on the two main characters which would have allowed for more suspense in the narrative.  

Overall the book was an enjoyable read. 

About the Author

Daniela Sacerdoti is a mother and a writer. Born in Naples, but brought up in a small village in the Italian Alps, she lives near Glasgow with her husband and sons. She steals time to write when everyone has gone to bed, or before they wake up. She’s a Primary teacher, but she chose to be at home with her children. She loves being with her boys, reading anything she can get her hands on and chatting with her girlfriends. But she also adores being on her own, free to daydream and make up stories.

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