Monday, 10 June 2013

Hiking in Hong Kong - it's a hard life!

Last week my friend suggested a 'walk'. I didn't have anything planned, so agreed thinking it would be gentle, easy, flat, and other such adjectives. By the time I'd arrived at the ferry pier the plans had changed and this 'walk' was going to be anything but. 

Hong Kong Island in the distance
I don't really like boats (unless they're open sailboats) as I get seasick, but luckily the boat we took was fine. I even managed to drink a coffee, and keep it down! We left Central ferry pier and docked at Discovery Bay, a fairly European-esque area of Hong Kong where many a rich pilot is rumoured to live. We stocked up on snacks, drinks, lathered on suntan lotion and set off with the trail on our smartphones. 

View from the top
We checked how far it was and the phone said the trail to Mui Wo was "6 kms with 20 minutes of uphill". It was extremely hot, 33oC and hazily sunny, but even I thought that I'd be able to manage that. Well...the phone lied. It was a lot of uphill, in fact mainly uphill and as the time ticked ever quicker to midday the sun became unbearably hot. 

It was so green up here, you could
almost forget you were in Hong Kong
As inexperienced hikers we found it extremely difficult. However, I'm very proud to say that we made it and yes, the views were worth it. The end was in sight for the downwards stint and as soon as possible I ran into the water to cool myself down. After a cold drink or two, some pizza and a little chill-out time on the sofa I felt as good as new. Might leave the next hike until it cools down again though!  

The final destination!


  1. Loving the blog - makes me feel not so far from home.

    It is encompassing 2 of my favourite things:
    HK & books.

    Happy me!

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad you like it. Where are you living now?

  2. Lovely writing and beautiful photos.

  3. Wow, the views were worth it - for sure!


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