Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Flash Fiction - Too Much Beer?

Too Much Beer?

Three young boys with fluff on their faces instead of real stubble sat down opposite us in the tent teeming with people. It was Oktoberfest and everyone was out to have a good time. And to get drunk on German beer, of course. 
The waiter, an older wiry man with a thick mustache and lines around his eyes, put our litre glasses down with a thud. He looked at the boys sitting opposite us and asked for I.D. 
The boys rummaged in pockets and produced three cards. The waiter’s brow scrunched up and then he handed them back. ‘What’ll be then?’
‘Three beers please,’ the boys chirped, eagerness showing in their faces. 
A few minutes later the same waiter deposited their beers onto the large oak table. ‘Drink up, lads,’ he said with a wink. 
One of the boys leaned over the table. ‘Our I.D.s are fake.’ 
His mate hit him on the arm. 
‘No shit, Sherlock,’ my mate said, taking a large gulp of beer. 
I just looked at them. They put one of the cards on the table. ‘See here?’ he said. ‘We’ve scratched off the last digit of the year I was born in and changed it from an eight to a four. Now, I’m almost twenty instead of almost sixteen.’ 
‘You don’t look twenty,’ my mate said, taking the I.D. card and studying it. 
He shrugged. ‘Who cares?’
Their beers were drunk quickly, greedily, and the boys staggered off. 
‘Only one, might be sensible,’ I said. 
‘Probably don’t want to push their luck,’ my mate replied. 
The waiter reappeared to clear away the glasses. 
‘You know those boys were underage, don’t you? With fake I.D.s.’ 
‘Oh yes,’ he nodded. ‘I gave them alcohol free beer.’ 

©2014 Laura Besley

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  1. LOL its the placebo effect - works every time! ^_^

  2. ha nice! My story this week is also about alcohol. Must be something in the, well, beer!

  3. Didn't see that coming, made me laugh out loud. Really great story!

  4. Naturally. Always fun serving alcohol-free beer.

  5. But this is 2014! In some countries, Uncle Waiter can be sued for 1) serving minors, alcohol or not, and 2) fraud :-)

    1. You may be surprised to hear that this is a true story! :)


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