Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday Flash Fiction - Turning Tables

Turning Tables

‘Boy, how the tables have turned,’ Bas said, and took a long draught from his dark ale.
Martijn stubbed out his cigarette in an already overflowing ashtray on the worn oak table between them. 
Bas put his glass down with a clunk. ‘It’s almost funny.’ 
‘It’s certainly not funny,’ Martijn said, raising his voice a little above normal.  
‘I said almost.’ 
‘In the beginning she couldn’t get enough of you, sent you ten messages a day and you had to rein her in, afraid your wife would find out.’ 
Martijn lit another cigarette. 
‘Now, six months later you’re crying into your beer because she won’t see you anymore.’ 
‘I love her.’ 
‘Pff! Love! You don’t love her. You’re obsessed with her. With her youth, her beauty, her charisma. All the things you don’t have any more with your wife of fifteen years. You’re infatuated. You can’t maintain that level of involvement.’ 
Martijn blew out smoke through his nose. ‘It was never like this with Marie.’ 
‘Of course not. At least, that’s what you tell yourself. But that could be a lie. You want to justify this somehow, but you can’t.’
‘You don’t know anything.’ 
I know she’ll never come back to you and even if she does, she won’t stay with you.’ 
‘Thanks for pointing that out again.’ 
‘I did say it from the beginning. No young, attractive, intelligent woman in her early twenties stays with a guy over forty for very long. Unless he’s filthy rich, and you’re not.’ 
‘What am I going to do?’ Martijn put his head in his hands. ‘I’ve lost everything now. Marie has kicked me out, won’t let me see the kids-’
‘Well, she can’t do that. You’ll have to get a lawyer.’ 
‘I know, I know. How did this happen?’
‘You couldn’t keep your dick in your trousers.’  

©2014 Laura Besley

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  1. Laura I'm reading this late on Saturday afternoon, having switched on specially to read your latest Flash Fiction. I'm astonished to see that no-one has left a comment, and can only surmise that the ending was too much of a surprise for your avid followers. It surprised me too, but I laughed because it was quite unexpected! Another clever little flash (fiction, I mean).


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