Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Flash Fiction - The Wedding

The Wedding

It was the worst wedding I had ever been to. Seriously, how were you supposed to enjoy watching your ex, who you’re still a teensy tiny bit in love with, say vows to a stick insect with perfect hair and still have a good time? Impossible, right? Right.

I don’t really know why I’d been invited. I wouldn’t have invited me if I’d been them. The ex-girlfriend? Not just someone he’d dated for a bit. No, I’m the ex he lived with for a couple of years. The ex who thought he was going to propose on that holiday in Greece. The ex who should bloody be standing up there instead of the stick insect with perfect hair.

Breathe. Breathe. You can do this. You can watch him get married and be the bigger person, congratulate them with a smile of your face and pretend you don’t care. You can.

I scanned the church and saw a man sitting by himself three pews from the back, more intent on looking anywhere than at the happy couple. He looks about as miserable as me. Oh! Wonder if he’s her ex.

After the beaming couple walked down the aisle, I made a beeline for “miserable man”.
‘Hi, I’m Penny,’ I said.
‘You look about as miserable as me if you don’t mind me saying.’
He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. ‘Really?’
‘Yup. I’m the ex.’
‘Ah. Yes, well, me too.’
‘Kinda weird, isn’t it? Inviting us, I mean.’
‘Weird alright.’
‘Are you going to the reception?’
‘Supposed to be.’
‘D’you wanna go get pizza instead?’
He smiled. ‘Sure, why not?’ 

©2014 Laura Besley

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  1. Maybe it won't turn out so bad for them after all ^_^ Nice piece of slice of life. ^_^

  2. Nice story! Hard to decide if the happy couple invited the exes to rub their noses in it, or to hook them up. Seems the latter worked whether it was planned or not.

  3. I think they behaved with decorum. If they really wanted revenge, they could have er um done something during the wedding or the reception itself! Actually that probably says more about how my mind works :-) Good fun story

    1. Haha! They could've caused havoc, couldn't they?!

  4. Oh goodie-goodie for them! I'm happy.

  5. Aw, I'm glad they found each other!

  6. I would very happily eat pizza rather than going to any wedding, possibly including my own.

  7. A very enjoyable piece Laura, I did smile each time she referred to the other woman as " A stick insect with perfect hair". The claws were definitely showing there LOL.

    I echo Clara Zane's comment, but whatever the purpose behind their invitations, it seems it worked in their favour. :)

  8. I'm with John -- not much one for voluntarily attending weddings! I'm glad they found an alternative.

    1. I quite enjoy a good wedding, but know they're not for everyone. Pizza is definitely a good option! ;)


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