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Independent Jenny by Sarah Louise Smith - author interview

I'm very pleased to be able to welcome back Sarah Louise Smith - author of three chick lit novels published by Crooked Cat Ltd

1. Congratulations on the release of your third book, Independent Jenny. How does it feel? 
Thank you! It’s a bit surreal, actually. I never get used to receiving a paperback in the post… it might be the third book but I never get used to it.

2. Can you give us a brief description of Independent Jenny
In chapter one, Jenny discovers her husband has cheated on her. He wants forgiveness, but while she contemplates this, she discovers her brother-in-law has feelings for her and she starts to develop a crush on him, too. Unsure what to do, Jenny goes on holiday and meets yet another man she has a crush on. Her feelings go hay-wire and she isn’t sure who or what she wants; just that she doesn’t want to be alone.

3. When you were promoting your second book, Izzy’s Cold Feet, you said that you had already started your third book (which presumably is this one). Did the story of Independent Jenny form easily? 
It took me a while to really develop the story, partly because I had the fourth novel swirling in my head and I was keen to start it, but wanted to finish Jenny’s story first. I went away to the Isle of Skye for a break last year and developed most of the plot while I was there. It’s such an inspiring and beautiful place that I ended up setting a large part of the story there.

4. This post is part of a ‘blog hop’. Do you feel as a 21st century author that you are very involved in the process of promoting your book? Is this something you enjoy? 
Yes, promotion is essential if you want to sell books … luckily for me, I’ve been working in marketing communications for many years so that part comes quite easily to me – I just need more hours in the day to work, write and promote!

5. Can you see yourself in Jenny, or any of your other (main) characters? If so, is this intentional or something you don’t realise until you take a step back from your work? 
Definitely. Some people I know say they picture me when reading as the voice of my characters sounds like me, and the way I talk… I guess that’s natural in a way when writing in the first person. It’s not intentional, though – just something I realize later.

6. Independent Jenny is set in two locations. Do you do research for your books, or do you choose places you know already?
I choose places I know, I’d find it hard to write about a place I’d never been to. I love to travel and find a lot of inspiration from the places I visit; and I write a lot of notes to help me remember them accurately. I’m traveling to New York City, Niagara Falls, and Washington DC in the coming weeks so expect my next novel to have a setting in one of more of those locations!

7. Would you ever consider having any of your books converted to the big screen? If so, would you like to write the screenplay? Who would you like to play Jenny, Izzy (Izzy’s Cold Feet) or Amy (Amy & Zach)? 
Yes, I’d love to see my books on the big screen, although I’d probably get upset if they changed too much. I’ve never written a screenplay but that might be fun challenge.
Re actresses, I’d pick someone British (or who could do a very good British accent!) – so I guess someone like Keira Knightly, or Emily Blunt. They’re both fab actors.

8. Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future? Have you started book number four yet? 
Yes, I’m over half way through book four. Like I said, it was on my mind for a while before I had the chance to start it so it’s coming along quite quickly. It’s a similar genre and theme, about a girl who tells a small lie to a man she has a weekend fling with … but when the fling turns into something more serious, the lie doesn’t seem so small anymore.

Thank you very much to Sarah! For more about this author and her books, please check out the links below. 

Website - Sarah Louise Smith

Or you can follow her on twitter

Publisher - Crooked Cat Ltd.

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