Monday, 18 June 2012

Holiday at Home: Part 2

The Hotel

Recently Nick & I had a 3-day weekend and couldn't decide where to go. We have previously stayed in a luxurious 5-star hotel in Macau and wondered about doing that again. In the end we decided that Hong Kong had both sightseeing and luxury to offer, without the hassle of travel. 

The Gold Coast Hotel
We booked ourselves into the 5-star Gold Coast Hotel for two nights. The Gold Coast is situated beyond Kowloon in the area of Hong Kong which borders China. Despite Hong Kong being relatively small (426 sq miles or 1,104 km²) we calculated that by public transport it would take us about 90 minutes to get there. We therefore  treated ourselves to a taxi from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station (for those of you living in HK it costs about HK$150 from TST) to cut down on the journey time a little. 

Inside fountain
To our surprise we were greeted by porters and doormen with white gloves on! The main lobby was vast with comfy seating, glass lifts, the main restaurant (where we had our delicious Jazz Buffet - check out Holiday at Home: Part 1 for more details) and beautiful golden fountains. We certainly feel that we've moved up in the world a little since our days of hostels in Germany! The room was fairly standard, but extremely comfortable with a mini bar that wasn't too extortionately expensive. Best of all it offered a view of the nearby beach, but more on that next week...

The beautiful gardens
This hotel is also used as a wedding venue and it doesn't take much calculation to work out why. Along with the decadence inside, there are beautiful gardens at the back of the hotel.  



  1. can't wait to read more about this. i've lived here awhile and have never been to the gold coast. at least, i don't think so...

    1. I really think you should go! We'll have to find a time to go together!! :0)


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