Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Winning Story!

Saturday 2nd March was National Platypus Day. And to celebrate Duckbill books held a flash fiction competition. The rules were: 
- "The platypus was confused" had to be the opening line;
- maximum 100 words;
- open prompt. 

I was very lucky that the story immediately came to me. It was initially 126 words, so I had to do a little editing, but I sent it off and am pleased to announce that I was a winner! Please read my winning story below and click here for the other winners. 

Circus Spies Ltd.

‘The platypus was confused.’
‘Well, Sir, he acted off his own back.’
‘Did he reach the destination?’
‘No. We sent in the penguin.’
‘He reached the destination, but not before the target had checked out.’
‘Bloody hell, Bill! Seems like we’re running a circus here. Please tell me that someone has managed to complete the mission.’
‘We sent in the snake.’
The only sound was the gentle tweeting of birds.
‘The snake?’ he whispered. ‘But you know-’
‘And last time-’
‘Done, Sir. Target taken out at 2 a.m. Poison, of course. Untraceable in the blood.’

Laura Besley


  1. Fantastic!

    Clearly the start of things to come :0)

    A very BIG well done!


    1. Thanks so much, A-M! I certainly hope it is ;) xx

  2. Laura - I can only think that you were an undercover agent in a previous life! I loved the winning "short" and was really pleased to learn that it came top of the Judges' list. Fingers crossed that more accolades follow soon (or shortly, if you prefer!). xx


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