Monday, 7 May 2012

Art Orchestra in Times Square

Today - after the endless days and weeks of rain - it was a lovely, sunny and pleasantly warm day in Hong Kong. Nick & I were wandering around Causeway Bay, looking for somewhere to eat, when we stumbled across this fabulous art exhibition in Times Square. 
Steel trombonist in Times Square

This exhibition of huge and imposing stainless steel structures is by Korean artist Kim Taik-Gi. I'm not sure how well-known he is, but there seems to be very little information available about him on the internet. There wasn't even anything on Wikipedia! I am intrigued as to whether he is extremely well-known in his field and the rest of us are just catching up, or whether he is indeed early on in his career. 
A violinist in the orchestra of steel

This exhibition will be available to the public until 20th May 2012. 

Art Orchestra by Kim Taik-Gi

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