Monday, 8 April 2013

Book Buying Ban

For Easter my husband and I went to England. On the way back we had a couple of hours to kill at Heathrow airport, and I spent most of it in WHSmith (a book & stationery shop for those of you not in the know) and bought three books, as well as some Cadbury's chocolate. The chocolate was gone by the time I got onto the plane, but the books, well they needed a new home once we got back. And that's where the problem started. 

Books bought in WHSmith

We have one narrow, and very full, bookshelf. Our flat in Hong Kong isn't small by local standards, but it's not massive either. My suggestion to the problem was buying another bookcase, but unfortunately my husband didn't agree. I have begrudgingly conceded that he's right. 

Books you'll never read again, in my opinion, fall into two categories: those you still want to keep and those that can be given away. Mine mainly fall into the first, hence the overflowing bookshelf. However, I did have a sort out and found ten books that could be returned to people or given to the charity shop. 

As a little experiment I decided to tally up the books on my bookshelf I haven't read yet. Including five borrowed books, there were nearly twenty. Eek. Then I turned to check my kindle. I'd just downloaded five new books, and had another ten unread. Double and triple eek. On average I read one book a week and by my calculations, despite my maths not being great, that's enough books to comfortably see me through until the end of the year. 

A selection of the unreads

Unreads that are borrowed, or have been given to me

Therefore, I am on a self-inflicted book buying ban. 
...Unless I need to buy one for book club...Obviously if someone gives me one...or lends me one...or sends me one to review, that's fine! 


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