Monday, 11 March 2013

200 Stories...and counting

As many of you know last year, on 4th May 2012, I embarked on an adventure. A fiction adventure: to write one piece of flash fiction per day. For those of you who are visiting my site for the first time, flash fiction is really short, usually ranging from 100-1000 words. 

May - It started out really well and I wrote a piece a day. Some were okay, others not, but I was writing and that was the main thing. I put the 'best of the week' up onto my blog and people started leaving some really encouraging comments. 
June - I started to struggle a little, so decided to cut it down to five a week (Monday to Friday). 
July - I took most of July off as I was back in England visiting friends and family. 
August - It was summer school at work and for those of you who are teachers, you know what this means! We took a four-day trip to Bali and I wrote every day whilst I was there and found myself fascinated by the country and its people. 
September - I discovered - a great website for Flash fictioneers. Through this website I've met lots of wonderful and supportive fellow flash fiction writers. 
October - I was extremely excited to be contacted on twitter by Artipeeps - a UK based website for all things arty - and asked if I'd be interested in writing flash fiction for them. 
November - Flash Fortnightly on the Artipeeps website was launched.  
December - With the end of term looming and many parent presentations to do, as well as being tired from a long semester of teaching, I found writing quite a slog. 
January - Started off slowly, but once I got going I found that I was able to write quite a lot. 
February - I was lucky enough to be able to take a holiday in Cambodia in February and that influenced a lot of my writing in February. 
March - I've just written story number 200! 

I'm absolutely in love with flash fiction and I've even started writing micro fiction (up to 100 words). I never thought I'd take to short pieces, but I guess you don't know these things until you try them. While there are no hard and fast rules about writing, I think we all agree that writing often is good. Writing every day is the best and even if you don't have much time, 30 minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. I think, I hope, that writing so regularly has helped me develop as a writer. 


  1. Absolutely awesome!

    Really enjoying reading your work.


  2. Well done you! And keep going, we love reading them!

  3. Laura you've inspired me into writing the occasional flash fiction on my blog. I previously thought them too brief to be "thoughtful". I was so wrong! It's a versatile form of expression and caricature, a bit like comic strips I suppose. THANKS!

    1. Thank you, James, what an amazing honour that I've inspired you! :)

  4. Keep going, it's amazing!


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