Monday, 17 September 2012

Beautiful Bali - part 2 - the food

Only being in Bali for four days, we rarely ventured off the hotel resort. Bad tourists, I know, but we had purposely booked a beach/pool holiday at the end of a busy summer school, before the busy September school term began. If you saw my post last week (Beautiful Bali - part 1 - the hotel) you'll know that the resort was superb. The food was no exception. 

Our regular table close to the beach!
Every evening we ate in the restaurant looking out over the beach and the sunset. More on that next week! The first night for a starter we had 'east meets west': bruchetta and vegetable spring rolls. Both were delicious, but the spring rolls in particular were the right mixture of crunchy outside, soft inside served with a tangy sweet chili dip. Following that we both chose stonegrilled fish, one mahi-mahi and one swordfish. You could feel healthier just looking at it, let along eating it. 

Mahi-mahi with potato wedges, courgette and aubergines
The following day we started with the breakfast buffet where you could fill in a paper slip of how you wanted your eggs cooked and accompanied by beans, sausages or bacon. It was noticeable that we were in a Muslim area as there were symbols indicating which dishes contained pork. For lunch we ate in the other onsite restaurant and I opted for a boring chicken and advocado pita bread, but Nick went for the more exciting option! It was spicy, but delicious. 

Local cuisine served on beautiful crockery!
The following day we did have lunch at a little restaurant along the beach. I was still relatively full from breakfast, so opted for Balinese coffee and a banana jaffle which sounded rather exciting. It turned out to be a toasted banana sandwich! For once I wasn't keen on the coffee; it was a little powdery and very strong. Nick had a 'just on the right side of spicy' chicken curry. 

The banana jaffle with Balinese coffee
 On my last evening I had nasi goreng. This is a dish that my mum has cooked for me for years and I really wanted to try it in Balie. Initially they brought over a dish that looked like an Italian pasta dish and I felt cheated. The waitress snatched it away before I could touch it, saying there'd been a mistake. When I finally got the correct dish, it was superb and exactly how my mum cooks it! 

Nick & I drank Balinese beer and Balinese wine. Bintang, the local brew, is unfortunately flavourless and the rose, whilst a little light in flavour, is extremely quaffable! 


  1. Wow, my nasi goreng tasted the same?! I regard that as a HUGE compliment!Thank you, darling. Am looking forward to next week's blog; beach and sunsets. Mmmmmhh...

    1. Glad you do and you should! Next week should be good - the sunsets were amazing!! xxx

  2. A banana toastie?? Awesome! Hmmm mum's nasi goreng - yum! Sounds like an amazing short break :) xxx

    1. Yes, the banana toastie was lush! And the nasi goreng was delish!! ;) xxx

  3. Wow,look good!Thank you for sharing


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